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KnitLab is a

laboratory of ideas

We want to promote the creative process of designers, experimentation with technologies, creative manufacturing tools as well as raw materials, with the aim of being able to materialize their ideas.

The KnitLab is aimed at designers with a desire to take new steps, to experiment with densities, structures, colours, etc., and who love the world of knitting.

We offer the necessary tools to develop and promote innovative and different ideas.

KnitLab is an innovative and creative space.

Combining your ideas and our knowledge we will make your experience in the Knit Lab unique.

With a corner like the Knit Lab you will be able to develop your brainstorming.
We want to help you shape your ideas.

The process concludes by making a knitting sample so that you can start from it and carry out the production of your knitted pieces.

The KnitLab is open during the months of January to April, to attend to your project individually, dedicating the time you need.
Make your reservation!

If you are interested, contact us to specify what you need, and we will send you a personalized quote.

All about the Knit LAB

Knit LAB

Introduction to Chic Barcelona's new creative space