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¿qué hacemos? moda punto tricot


We make men and women; the limit is your design!
All that garments you can imagine ... dresses, sweaters, ponchos, coats, skirts, pants, polo shirts, etc., everything ... all in tricot. And with a wide range of materials; sustainable, recycled, natural, organic, GOTS, and a wide range of colours.

¿qué hacemos? bolso tricot con flecos


The alternative to the "usual" surprise us more and more, a tricot bag, why not, there are real beauties made of tricot.
We also have the usual ones like scarves, hats, ponchos, shawls, warmers, etc.

¿qué hacemos? conjunto de punto tricot para bebé


Children's fashion is beautiful, whether classic or modern, we love to dress children! Just like the older ones, we have a wide range of materials, those that are more delicate for their skin, angora, wool, silk, organic cotton, and fun colours.
For them, our "special" integral machine, so that they have no seams and it is more comfortable for them.
Bring us your designs and collections.

¿qué hacemos? Jersey de punto tricot para mascotas


Our pets, cats, and dogs, deserve the best, we will create their best dresses, sweaters, booties, etc.. With a wide range of colours and materials, sustainable, natural, or recycled, to choose as you like.

¿qué hacemos? fundas de cojín de punto tricot


Everything you can imagine in knitting to dress, decorate and give warmth to your home; blankets, plaids, cushions, etc., we can do it.
And with a wide range of materials, sustainable, recycled, natural, etc, with a personalized design.

¿qué hacemos? manta de punto tricot


Although more than once, at the request of our customers, we have made garments to decorate and dress spaces dedicated to relaxation, it is not the part of knitting that we have been most dedicated to.
The Horeca division was created to reach hotel customers, and to offer more sustainable, fun and elegant decorative solutions, all with a personalized design. Our team will design a new proposal for your establishments.