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¿qué hacemos? idea


The process of shaping your collection and garments begins when we receive your technical specifications and/or images. With these, we study the feasibility of each one of them and consider the different options in terms of materials and more technical aspects.

¿qué hacemos? asesoramiento


We are committed to giving you the most personalized advice possible, we want to be part of your adventures in the world of knitting with you and make you feel safe throughout the process.

¿qué hacemos? diseño


If you have a passion for knitwear but have never dared to design it, we offer a 360º Knitwear Design service. With our technical team and designers, we will give shape to your collection.
Combining the latest fashion trends with the most current and sustainable materials.
*All the designs of our customers have guaranteed confidentiality.

¿qué hacemos? hilos


We have more than 100 materials available; recycled, organic, sustainable, fantasy, with certificates, etc. Therefore, we give personalized advice depending on each project to help find the material that best suits the needs of each garment and each customer.

¿qué hacemos? prototipos


Once we get to this point, the most exciting part begins, the process until we see your first finished garment. To get here, the first thing we do are density and texture tests with the chosen material, once confirmed by the customer, we start with the programming of your garment, take it to machines and weave it, we make it, wash it, iron it and send it.

¿qué hacemos? producción


The material is ordered, the programming is adjusted, and our machines start weaving without a break until we have all the garments. They are finished one by one, with the weaving machine and manually in some cases, and after washing and ironing, we have them all ready.
In the case of the integral machine, the garments come out in one piece and the process of sewing is not necessary, we directly pass to washing and ironing and they would be ready.
When we start your productions, we show you the progress through photos or videos of how your order is evolving.

¿qué hacemos? packaging


We want you to receive the garments in the best possible way, so we provide the service of labelling the production, both main labels and hangtags, as well as the packaging according to the instructions given by the customer.

¿qué hacemos? envio


Finally, we make the shipment to the customer, offering all the necessary information for your peace of mind and so that you can always track your shipments.